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Vision Natural StoneQuarrying techniques for stone from Turkey & China are quite advanced and the end product is of the highest quality. The companies we are working with employ stringent grading policies & packaging is of the highest quality ensuring goods reach the U.K. in pristine condition.

Regarding our Indian paving despite the fact that our quarrying takes place in a developing country, we make use of high-tech machinery in tandem with appreciated skilled labour, to produce a result which, we feel, rivals quarrying and processing done in any of the developed countries.

Once quarried, the natural stone is transported from the mine to the finishing site where it is graded into one of the following three categories: colour, thickness and variation of face.

The various shades of natural stone are sorted into their designated colour names to ensure that there is minimal variation, as we are very particular regarding our colour specifications.

The thickness is maintained to an average of 30mm, whilst we allow leeway of 5mm either side for face variation. This is to ensure that the surface is not uneven or dangerous. Skilled craftsmen then precede to hand dress the stone with splayed edges of 45 to ensure an easy application on the laying surface.

The stone paving slabs are then packed in strong weatherproof wooden crates that have been fumigated. The crates are 4" x 1" in profile and contain the capacity for approximately 13sqm of paving stones. Each crate contains one size of paving stone; this can change when patio packs are ordered to make a random laying pattern in 1 crate. The goods are then transported to the nearest shipping port for subsequent delivery to the UK.


Vision Natural Stone 2Distribution is done on a deliver to forward order basis by Vision Natural Stone because it is a direct service we offer without the pitfalls of importing natural stone yourselves. This ensures that the customer receives the most competitive prices since without the additional overhead cost of holding stock in the UK; we save significantly on cost of product. This benefit is passed onto you, the customer, through a lower and more affordable process. We keep an extensive range of stock in India, and usually we aim to deliver within 6 to 7 weeks from the date on which the order was placed.

Minimum Order

As this is a direct importing service the minimum amount that can be ordered is 1 full container load that works out to approximately 350sqm of paving flags. In terms of sales, this does not add up to a huge amount and, after considering demand, can often be sold relatively quickly.

Mixed Loads

We also offer the service of supplying to you mixed colour loads of your choice. If you take into consideration that we offer 11 different colours of paving stone, in addition to other products such as circles and cobbles, then this provision can break down ordering a full container load of stone into manageable and sellable quantities.

Patio Packs

paving stone packAnother exclusive product on our portfolio is the patio pack.

This consists of one crate of a specially customized mix of sizes that can be used to crate a random laying pattern for an average patio size of 12-13sqm. We have found that the patio pack is a great addition to our product range and is hugely popular, especially with the builder's merchants.

Available Sizes

In order to suit the needs of as wide a customer base as possible, we sell two ranges of compatible sizes in all of our products. All product sizes are displayed in the price list.

Delivery of Goods

paving stone pack 2All deliveries are done on flat bed articulated lorries that make unloading very easy.

Delivery incurs no additional cost, as it is included in the price of the goods. Nationwide deliveries can be done without any problems.

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